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Disposal Quotes

In order to give you the best possible service and help ensure quick turnaround times, we kindly request that disposal quotation solicitations include the following information (whenever possible):



  • Description of waste/material (i.e. isotopes, activities, physical form, immediate container, etc.).

  • For radioactive nitrates and acetates, please provide grams of material (including the weight of the primary container).

  • For sealed sources, please provide physical dimensions, date of manufacture, and leak test results (if applicable).

  • Export petitions and/or disposal permits, as applicable.



  • Names of all chemicals involved.

  • Final concentrations of all chemicals involved (must total 100%).

  • State of the waste (e.g. liquid, solid, gas, slurry, sludge, etc.).

  • Any available analytical data (e.g. pH, flashpoint, TCLP, MSDS, etc.).

  • Complete description of the immediate container (e.g. size, type, condition, specification, etc.).